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two worlds collided could be beautiful

Hey! So, my name is Martha and basically, my blog is all about Austin & Ally and R5. My ask box is always open for anyone who wants to ask questions or simply talk. Also, I'd be more than happy to follow back, so just ask and you shall receive.
p.s. i love you.
Mar 18 '13

Why is Laura so perfect?

Oh no. I’m going to ramble. I’m sorry. Not really.Okay, but for real, why? I love her the most when we just get pictures of her from school because she doesn’t even wear designer clothes, or fix her hair all fancy, or anything like that; but she’s still beautiful. 

She just wears baggy sweaters and cute little pants. :) 

Or when we get pictures of her behind the scenes of A&A, and she’s just wearing her regular Ally clothes, she just looks so adorable. Like a little girl, but more grown up and mature. 

She’s so nerdy that it makes her beautiful. Do you get me? With her glasses, how can she not be gorgeous? 

I think one of the main reasons, though, we can all agree to liking her is because of her personality. 

She’s another one of us. She loves what she does, and she’s a wizard. Can you get anymore perfect? I think not. 

She can get her hair all pretty, but she doesn’t always; and I love that about her. If she needs to, she will, but if she doesn’t, she won’t. :) I think we all need to take that into mind about her. 

I think I’m done here. 

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